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This is because we have more information, more facts, more of everything than any other website about the penis. No matter what you wish to know about the penis, masculinity, men or male issues, including sexual intercourse and masturbation, or any other subject related to being a man, we can help you. Please note all material is copyright, The-penis. What can you find information about on this website? Small or large, thick or thin, everything you need to know can be found here.

All About Penis Problems Whatever your difficulty, the answer is here! Whether you can’t get hard, come too fast, or can’t come at all, check out our sexual problems page and you’ll be enjoying intercourse,  orgasm and ejaculation very soon. All About The Power Of Sex In Men’s Lives We all know how important sex is in men’s lives. How To Use Them Don’t make the mistake of getting an infection with unprotected sex! Get all the facts here, including how to put a condom on. All About The Penis, Foreskin and Circumcision Find out what makes up the average penis. Or Visit This Site, With 100s Of Techniques and Positions For Great Sex!

Hypospadias An increasingly common condition – a “penile difference” which all dads and men with a “different” penis need to know about. What role does the penis play in our cultural understanding of sex? Whether you want to find out what is small, average and large, or discover where you fit on the size scale, we can tell you. If you want to know how penis size varies between races, look no further! This is a section of the site which describes the appearance and structure of the normal penis. There’s a great deal of information here on penile anatomy and the foreskin, together with information on circumcision.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of circumcision, this is the place to visit. In addition, we have all the information you could ever want about penile anatomy, shape and circumcision. Here we tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about how the essence of being a man! From the first twitch of your penis between your legs, through your increasingly hard erection as you get more excited, to the powerful and thrilling moments of ejaculation and orgasm, all the stages of a man’s sexual arousal is described in detail.

Read this, and you’ll be able to explain to your girl once and for all why you get an erection just looking at her, and why you seem to be horny all the time. Well, that’s what she says, anyway. Is all about connection, romance, love and affection. I’d call it compassionate kindness, but you might have your own way of describing it. Women want far more than a man with a big penis who’s good in bed! They want a man who loves them.

If you do have a partner, you’re likely to be looking for information about how to make your love life more enjoyable. And we have several pages of tips to make you a great lover. If you’d like to know how to keep a committed, monogamous long term love affair alive, check out this information. Delayed ejaculation, also known as male orgasmic disorder or retarded ejaculation, is a condition where a man is unable to reach climax during lovemaking or ejaculate easily during intercourse. Sometimes a man can thrust for ages during intercourse without becoming fully sexually aroused and reaching the point of ejaculation easily. The great news is that I have written a self-help treatment program to overcome problems with delayed ejaculation which is available online and which can enable you to ejaculate normally during sex – which means when you choose to do so – within a few weeks of starting the program of treatment.

Young men may find they just can’t contain themselves and ejaculate far too quickly, while other men may find they are unable to ejaculate at all! And there can be few things more distressing than finding your previously stiff penis has suddenly wilted when you try and put the condom on – or, worse still, when you begin to make love. What’s your penis trying to tell you with all these mischievous acts of sabotage? Fortunately, there are answers, and we have them.


We have a great site to recommend for you – with many dating tips for men from the gurus of the seduction and pick up community. It’s all about an online program called The Tao Of Badass, which explains, from a male point of view, the fundamental principles of establishing and developing a relationship with a woman. Hypospadias involves an incomplete development of the penis, so that the urethral opening is not at the tip of the glans. There are other issues associated with it as well: twisting, incomplete foreskin, bending over at the tip, small size and so on. Epispadias is a more severe form of incomplete penile development. One of the therapists responsible for this website has worked extensively with men who have an abnormal penis.

There is excellent support available – we tell you where to find it. By the way, a lot of men with hypospadias are smaller in size than they would like. For a hypospadias support group, see www. Peyronie’s disease is caused by injury to the penile chambers resulting in a bend or constriction in the flaccid or erect organ.



We explain how this happens and direct you to websites which discuss the pros and cons of treatment: for example, surgery can be effective but may reduce your size slightly. And for everyone who calls himself gay or bisexual, there are another three or four who will, at some point in their lives, have sexual contact with another man. Your testicles spend their lives tucked between your legs, perhaps not getting the same attention you lavish on your cock, but they’re as fundamental to your masculinity as your penis. Making sperm and testosterone, they are the essence of male fertility and potency.

Happily they rarely go wrong, but this page has the information which will guide you through any testicular crises and tell you all you need to know about the testicles. This includes, among other things, issues of size, appearance, testicular health and ejaculation. Great advice if you’re just embarking on a sexual relationship: use a condom. For men and women who are looking for advice on issues around love and sex, there are two guides which we recommend. The first is a guide for couples on the basic facts and information about intimate relationships, and the second is more advice-oriented.